Smash Time

Altera Game Jam

Game Jams are events where people get together to create games during a fixed amount of time, we give you 48 hours.

Our concept is based around partnerships with developers and their games. Their creations will then serve as the basis for the game you will make during the jam. We encourage you to explore different graphic styles and/or genres.

If you are a game designer, programmer, vistual artist, writer or musician with a passion for game making, this event is for you. The amount of experience you have is irrelevant, you only need a high level of motivation.

To better understand what we mean by all of this, here are some game examples that came ouf of our last jam. You can also check out some videos made by our media partners Critic Play. Although they are in portuguese, you can at least get a better picture about how we setup things.

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- In 48 hours
- Make a game
- Any genre
- Based on Smash Time.
(FREE download Android & iOS)


- Universidade Lusófona
- Between 20 and 22 of November

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What will you need:
We can’t provide computers, you have to bring all the equipment you need.

  • - Laptop
  • - Peripherals (if they’re necessary to create your work, you should bring them)
  • - Materials (this applies mostly for those who want to make board games)
  • - Passion to create games
  • - Other devices (if you wish to make games for consoles, mobiles, etc)
  • - We have microwaves
  • - There is a mall nearby called Alvaláxia, that has a supermarket (Lidl).
  • - You also have a room to take breaks and catch some sleep (we prioritize people that come from outside of Lisbon, but its not exclusive to them) - PENDING CONFIRMATION.
In order to survive and make good friends during the game jam, you should bring food and drinks. Fortunately for us there is a supermarket close by in Alvaláxia. There’s also microwaves that you can use, to heat your meals

How to get here:
There are some parking places but they can be a bit expensive, so we encourage you to take the metro and get off at Campo Grande station. You can take the green line or the yellow line to get there.
If you must bring a car, as an alternative you can park in Telheiras where parking is free. You can then take the metro to Campo Grande, its only one station.


- All games must be inspired in selected game's universe.

- You can make any kind of digital and analogue game, board games are welcomed.

- You’re allowed to use any type of tools, technology, content, middleware or public libraries to create the game.

- You can develop games for any platform in existence as long as you have the tools necessary to do it, and present it in the end.

- You’re allowed to use pre-made content, as long as you mention it. If you wish, you can share that same content with everyone at the beginning of the game jam.

- You can work solo or as a team, there isn’t any maximum number of team members, although we advise it to be 4 or 5 per team.

- You should take care of your belongings, we will always have someone present that can help you out, but we wont be held responsible for any missing items.

- By participating in Altera Game Jam, you authorize us and the guest studio, to share and distribute your game for the purposes of promoting your work and also the game jam.


Wilson Almeida

Wilson Almeida

3D artist and game designer wannabe, Game Jam evangelist.

Hugo Silva

Hugo Silva

Designer of the magnificient logo for this game jam.

Critic Play

Critic Play

Official Media Partner.
The guys with cameras.


If you have any question or feedback send them our way to alteragamejam(at)gmail(dot)com